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Focusing when you feel like you just can’t

(October 16, 2023 Newsletter)

Anyone else share in my feelings of panic this morning of… oh no, I really need to snap out of it and get back to work?

Rest assured, you’re not alone.

Focusing when your mind is distracted and your heart is broken can feel herculean. But the show must go on – your work is important and people are relying on you.

Here are a few ways to get your momentum back:

  1. Create a separation: pick a ritual to help you enter the headspace you desire, whether it’s taking a walk around the block, journaling, standing up to stretch, or holding an object in your hand and closing your eyes. Focus your attention on an intention you’d like to set for after the ritual ends.

  2. Clear out the clutter: notice what’s distracting you… is it checking the news incessantly? Doomscrolling on social media? Your phone likely has focus settings and if not, put it in a drawer or another room for a designated amount of time or until you complete a task.

  3. Recenter with your values: remind yourself why it’s important to you to get your work done (and I don’t mean why it’s important to other people). Write it on a post-it or a note that you can keep close on hand.

  4. Bring others in: you likely have a trusted colleague in whom you can confide that you’re struggling to stay on task – one possible outcome is they’ll offer you support, another is that they’re feeling the same way and you can support each other. Forwarding them this email is a good way to open the conversation.

Being there for others: Now, if you’re reading this and are feeling well, that’s great. The chances are, though, that someone around you is struggling. If you feel that you can be a support to them, check in and see how you can help – maybe take something off their plate, help them reorganize their workflow or priorities, or just listen to them vent for a few minutes (see last week’s newsletter on “being present for those in pain” ).

I’d love to hear what’s working for you! Feel free to reply and share how you get yourself to put one foot in front of the other.

And like last week, if you need someone to talk to, feel free to schedule some time – I’m here for you.


The Coaching Corner


Why do we reframe? Because we need to redirect inner narratives that are holding us back.

For example, last week a client said something beautiful – “If my cup is empty, that means I have space for others.”

What a beautiful, and counterintuitive, sentiment. Normally when we hear people use the phrase “my cup is empty” it means that they’re UNABLE to be there for others because it takes energy for them to be present. The reframe that the emptiness is an opportunity may not resonate for everyone, but for some, and certainly for the person who said it, it can offer motivation and a sense of purpose.

This week, look for an opportunity to help someone on your team reframe a concept that’s holding them back.



A PSA is running on Israeli TV and radio encouraging people to limit their news consumption as a way to protect their mental health. I’m so happy to see/hear this and agree wholeheartedly. When you feel like your brain or heart are about to explode from everything you’ve seen, read, or listened to, it’s time to take a break and decompress. The news will still be there when you’re ready to pick it back up.


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