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Sharing my weekly priorities board with you

Is it just me or is time wizzing by now that we're in lockdown? I'm busy, things are happening, but the weeks are starting to blend together.

So I made this simple tool to help me think about my week as a whole. And I'm happy for you to use it, as well.

It isn't designed as a typical planner; you can't use it to fill in tasks at specific hours of the day, for example. The idea is to write your top priorities in each of the squares and weigh everything against one another.

Pro tip: I like to take a few minutes on Saturday nights to plan my week. Saturday nights when I manage to visualize the week ahead will inevitably lead to more productive, balanced, and overall better weeks than those when I wake up on Sunday mornings asking what the day and week have in store for me.

Give it a try - especially with Passover coming up, maybe it will help planning everything that needs to happen in the next few days! Let me know what's useful about it and how I can tweak it further.


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