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How Do You Recharge?

(May 9, 2023 Newsletter)

Happy Tuesday, Comm&Lead community.

I’m in Italy this week enjoying some quality time with the fam. I love travel, I love having excuses to learn new languages. Mostly, I love recharging.

When I’m recharged, I -

- Think more creatively

- Have more patience

- Am more present and focused

A few weeks ago I wrote about the dangers of the martyrdom complex - and how I’ve had to unlearn some unhealthy “poor me!” mental models that I learned in college. Another one I’ve had to unlearn is “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” There is no virtue in being exhausted. Especially when visiting Europe, it becomes apparent that this is not a universal concept and one worth re-examining.

So this week, I want to hear from you - what are your favorite ways of recharging? What are you able to do better once you’ve recharged?

This photo was snapped while I was literally writing this newsletter on my phone while riding a ferry across Lake Como.


The Coaching Corner Summer’s around the corner. Encourage everyone on your team to take time off (and to begin coordinating the dates with you) and make a plan to allow them to truly disconnect. For examples of creative solutions that companies are using to keep people offline during PTO, read “The Busyness Trap” from the March-April HBR magazine.


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