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Stage to Screen Series Ep. 4: How to give your slide deck a makeover

I have a confession. This video about my slides was by far the hardest video in the "Stage to Screen" series to make. I spent two extra weeks agonizing over it. I even yelled at my laptop on several occasions, which is quite unlike me.

In this video, I show you aspects of my past work that I don't love. That I look at now and cringe. Once I redid my slide deck (upon the outbreak of COVID-19), I planned on putting my old designs in a drawer for them to never see the light of day again. And yet, here they are, on display as an example for you of ***what not to do.***

So, friends. Be gentle and full of empathy. I hope you can learn something from this makeover lesson. And if nothing else... just use Canva.


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